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Open up a world of opportunities for your clients who want growth potential they can control with Lincoln AssetEdge® VUL. This life insurance policy allows clients to tailor a solution through time so they can proactively balance their portfolio to meet their goals. And now, clients have four indexed accounts with downside market protection to choose from, adding even more security and diversification to their financial portfolio.

Lincoln AssetEdge® VUL offers:

  • Death benefit protection, including no-lapse protection for up to 20 years1
  • Significant growth opportunities with market-driven fund allocations and build-their-own portfolio investment options
  • 75+ investment options with a fund from every major asset class, managed by leading names, such as BlackRock, Fidelity and Vanguard
  • NEW four indexed accounts that allow a broad range of clients to benefit from the potential of the S&P 500 Index2, 3
  • New LTC rider with zero-day elimination period allowing access to benefits sooner and the addition of transitional care assistance benefits to an array of covered services
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A broad portfolio with protection and accumulation products to meet your clients’ needs

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Dedicated specialists to help with complex cases, including business insurance and foreign nationals, and specialists to help build the investment strategy like assisting with fund selection and portfolio construction

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Industry-leading underwriting with consideration up to 20x income for key person coverage, lab-free opportunities, eDelivery, and more

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Post-issue policy management including teams and tools to manage the policy after it’s in-force, like switching to indexed accounts or start distributions, ensuring it follows the set strategy or adjusts if needs change

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Financial strength   For more than 100 years, we’ve remained committed to helping Americans plan for retirement, prepare for the unexpected, and protect their wealth from taxes, long-term health costs, longevity, inflation, and market risk. We have continued to keep our promises through challenging financial times, including the Great Depression and the Financial Crisis of 2008. Today, millions of Americans rely on us for the knowledge, experience and solutions to help them meet their goals.


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