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Conversation starters for all client stages

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, and now more than ever, it’s important to make sure your clients have the life insurance coverage they need. So we have developed conversation starters for all of your clients — whether they don't have life insurance, don't have enough, or have a more complex need to fill, like supplementing retirement income or protecting their business.

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Why life insurance?

For clients who don’t have life insurance — or who may only have it through their employer — it’s important to explain the value and benefits of an individual life insurance policy. Here are a few pieces to help get the conversation started:


Life insurance planning guide: This fillable worksheet helps clients determine the right amount of life insurance coverage.

Life Insurance Calculator

Life insurance calculator: Share this tool so clients can see how much their family needs before discussing their options.

The right fit

Clients' needs evolve as their lives change. For your clients who bought life insurance a while ago, make sure that policy (or policies) still fit their needs. Here are some pieces to get started:

Product selector tool webpage

Product selector tool: Help your clients determine which type of life insurance would best fit their needs.


Policy review worksheet: Go over this worksheet with your clients to help them evaluate their current coverage.

More sophisticated solutions

Clients with existing life insurance who might be looking for supplemental retirement income — or for a business solution — often have needs that are more complex. Present them with these pieces to show how life insurance can be a good addition to their strategy.


Living benefits digital experience: Show clients how life insurance can provide benefits for income, business or healthcare needs today.


Life insurance retirement planning guide: Show clients what cash value life insurance can do for their retirement portfolio.


Tax-efficiency worksheet: Use this to evaluate the tax efficiency of your clients retirement plans.


Life insurance strategy guide for business owners: BIS client guide — Help business owners learn new ways to protect their company, reward employees and secure their financial future.


Estate planning brochure: Show clients how to create a solid estate plan to help minimize taxes and promote legacy.

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