Case Management

After your clients have applied for the life product that best suits their needs, we continue to support you with online tools to help manage your cases.

Preferred methods

  • eNIGO with DocuSign® to capture electronic signatures on outstanding form requirements
  • Producer pending website for real-time updates and the ability to initiate eNIGO and/or resolve certain outstanding requirements
  • Automated email notifications provide status updates and the ability to initiate eNIGO
application icon Pending Case Management Options

Pending Case Tools

Online Case Status and Communications

24/7 online access to up-to-date case status from your Lincoln Producer website

Ability to provide requested information back to Lincoln on pending cases

Chat online with a New Business Associate with administration questions on a specific case


Leverages eSignature technology to eliminate the need for wet signatures to update forms after application submission

Quicker turnaround times, reduced cycle times and fewer in-person client touchpoints

Electronic capabilities are not available in New York.